Revisiting Past Entries

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A journal is a mirror that reflects back on you in the moment, and is very valuable for that purpose.

As Jim Rohn points out however in his incredible talk on journaling most of the value of a journal is simply being able to look back on it.

This has enormous long term benefits as it allows you to look back and discover your patterns.

In one of Jim’s examples he knew someone who upon looking back at their journal entries found that every Wednesday they were full of doubt. They would start to criticize themselves and it would take several days before they worked up their confidence again.

Upon flipping back through the journal, this person remembered that Wednesday was when they had lunch with old co-workers. Upon reflection, some of them were very critical about them leaving their old job and seeking better opportunities.

Further proof was found when looking back in the journal they found that on the days they couldn’t make that lunch, no thoughts of doubt clouded their journals pages.

Something to think about, maybe once per week instead of writing an entry just simply read back and what you wrote the past week.

Was your week happy? Sad? Productive? Lazy?

Simply take a moment and look back and see, then summarize what you find. It’s amazing how insightful a quick look back can be.

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